Every year Amey spends a significant amount of money with our supply chain. We aim to build long term sustainable relationships, striving to work creatively with only the best suppliers who operate safely and with consideration to the environment. In all our procurement activities we will use our Amey corporate values as a framework adopting six key principles when working with our supply chain:


We aim to:

     Seek long term sustainable partnerships using our values as framework whilst supporting a healthy competitive environment.     
     Select the most able suppliers through evaluation, measurement and review, accordingly.     
     Work collaboratively with our suppliers to develop secure best value pricing and service excellence.     
     Honour agreements in a culture of openness and honesty.     
     Manage our expenditure to give best value to our clients.     
     Utilise a common well-structured and documented procurement process     

We recognise that our suppliers play an important role in contributing to the success of Amey and we invite you to complete the Amey Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. The aim of our questionnaire is to identify appropriate suppliers who are prepared to work with us as part of our organisation to enhance our capability in providing a first class service to our clients.


The Amey Supplier Evaluation Process     

You are about to progress through to the Amey Prequalification Questionnaire the first stage of the Amey Supplier Evaluation Process. This will enable our Procurement Team to assess the suitability of your Business to be considered for future opportunities in line with the range of services we deliver as a company.     
What to expect upon successful completion:     

You will see a web page confirming you have successfully submitted your Pre-Qualification application.
Your application will be allocated to our Procurement Support Team who will review this and make a decision on your suitability to supply Amey based on the information you have provided.      
If your business is deemed suitable you will be included in our Evaluated Supplier Database; being on this database means you may be considered to competitively tender for opportunities as and when they arise within the Amey Group,however your entry onto our Evaluated Supplier Database, does not imply you are an Approved Supplier of goods or services to Amey.

Should your business be unsuccessful you will receive an email with feedback as to why the Procurement Support Team has deemed you unsuitable.  

Time Scales     
Amey is a successful business and as such attracts interest from a wide ranging and diverse supply base, we therefore get high volumes of supplier submissions through our supplier portal which takes time for our team to process. Due to this volume we anticipate your submission will be processed in no more than 30 working days from the date of your submission.     


Evaluated Supplier Database - A database of suppliers deemed suitable to receive opportunities in line with the Group Procurement Category Strategy.     

Suitable Supplier - Supplier whose capabilities, size, coverage or specialism align to the Group Procurement Category Strategy     
Category - Amey categorises it's spend, each category is managed by a Procurement professional who ensures we obtain best value for money for all products and services we purchase by developing a strategy for supplier engagement     
Opportunities to tender - Amey is continually bidding, securing, mobilising and delivering contracts nationwide; we sometimes need support in developing competitive solutions to ensure we meet our client's needs. The opportunities to tender to support Amey arise at all stages of the contract delivery process and should be embraced in full by your business.     


PLEASE NOTE: On the next page you will be asked to provide the name and email address of the person(s) who requested you to register your details with Amey. If you do not know the name and/or email address of the requestor or you were not requested to register, please enter your name and email address in to the fields required.     


Please only select your primary category from the selection on the next page. Any additional categories selected will not be taken into consideration when reviewing your application.

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