Become an Amey Group supplier

Amey spends over £1.7bn a year with its supply chain and, aims to develop its suppliers as long-term partners working innovatively and collaboratively with us to deliver best value to our customers with market-leading service excellence. We do this by selecting only high performing suppliers that deliver excellence and innovation through their products, goods, services and can add real business value on both a national and regional basis. To achieve this, we constantly monitor markets and evaluate both existing and new suppliers to find the best-fit and most competitive in terms of cost, health/ safety/ quality/ environmental, overall delivery capability and alignment.

Our Supplier Requirements

To achieve our vision, we place high demands on our suppliers. We expect products, goods and services to be of the best quality and demonstrable levels of excellence in management and people from all our suppliers- at every tier.

The Amey Group is proud to be creating better places to live, work and travel and as such, has extremely high expectations of its suppliers. We require suppliers with only responsible business principles that align to our Values, Code of Ethics and Vision for Sustainability. These policies are available to view on our website and must be reviewed by all suppliers prior to completing application.

The Evaluation Process (New Suppliers)

After you have read our requirements and completed the “Initial Supplier Registration”, the following process will take place:

  • If you are successful and pass the initial registration screening, you will be invited by email to submit additional information to further evaluate whether your company profile corresponds to our requirements.
  • You will be required to participate in our Supplier Evaluation Model (SEM). Dependent on the type, nature and complexity of the services(s) you deliver will determine the volume of information requested and whether you are required to complete our General and/or Enhanced supplier evaluation stage.
  • Once completed your application will be allocated to our specialist team who will review the supplied information and decide on your suitability. Only approved suppliers can provide to Amey so all information requested must be completed by the right person and to the required qualitative standard. Should you be unsuccessful in your application you will receive e-mail feedback on why you have been deemed unsuitable and you will not qualify as an approved supplier to Amey.
  • If successful, and provided we have a need for sourcing the products, goods or services that match your company capabilities, you may be considered for tender opportunities as/ when they arise.

Existing Supplier requirements

If approved, it will be the responsibility of you as a supplier to regularly monitor, maintain and update your details. Your provided information may also be subject to audit (upon request) and you will be required to provide all reasonable access and assistance for such audit to be successfully completed and comply with agreed recommendations. Failure to keep records updated/ maintained will lead to suspension as an approved supplier to Amey.

Data Protection

By providing information, you consent that Amey will register and save any personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number) that you insert into the form(s). The personal data is required in-order-for Amey to contact you regarding the potential supply of goods and services. Amey will keep your personal data as-long-as is required to evaluate information provided in the form and contact you, and no longer than is required for Amey to fulfill the purposes for which the personal data was collected.

Amey is responsible for such personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation. If you have any question(s) please refer to the Amey homepage where you will find our privacy notice and contact information

The information that you provide will be treated strictly confidential.

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